SwaHeal is an unique mobile app for Emotional First Aid, developed by experienced and qualified mental health professionals.

Emotional First Aid is like physical first-aid, which we use and apply in the form of bandages, ointments, etc., to protect further damage in case of injuries. Similarly, we must have some handy and easy, yet effective psychological measures, in case of day-to-day emotional injuries like frustrations, failures, stress, worries, rejections, anger, loss etc.

If we fail to timely develop, maintain and strengthen our emotional health, we are likely to suffer from a lower quality of life.

In today’s competitive world, no one can escape the various stresses that we are exposed to in different situations.

The various stresses that we come across are:

  • Personal stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Family stress
  • Exam stress
  • Peer pressure

And the list goes on. Notably, most of us do not talk about these issues as we feel shy, embarrassed or simply cannot identify that we need help for dealing with these issues. And it is a well-known fact that these kinds of hidden issues surely impact our performance, unless we develop a healthy life-style.

Mood Tracker

Mood Track is an attractive, easy measure for development of Emotional Awareness, which is one of the components of Emotional Intelligence. You just have to click the most approximate label for your current emotion from the list. SwaHeal will tirelessly give you feedback of your emotional island over a large time scale, in the form of Healthy and Unhealthy emotions. With this simple exercise, your brain will experientially learn to connect with, identify and differentiate your emotions.

Exercise Tracker

Exercise is a powerful tool that can help you take control of your physical and mental health. Regular Physical and Mental exercise can improve your health and quality of life; but it is important to develop the habit of exercising.

Three simple steps have helped many people stick with healthy lifestyle - Set realistic goals, Reward yourself, and Establish a buddy system. Our Exercise Tracker does exactly the same for you!

Sleep Tracker

SwaHeal Sleep Tracker will help you to shine a light on your sleeping patterns. It will routinize your sleeping pattern and ultimately you will course correct your sleep if necessary. Based upon your age, SwaHeal Sleep Tracker will help you to calculate your sleep debt, so that you can manage your sleep well.

Gratitude Tracker

Compassion is incredibly important in times of great stress in society. Compassion involves caring acceptance of ourselves and gratitude for our world. The most unique tracker you will find in the SwaHeal is a Gratitude Tracker. Here, you can check your compassion activity score, by simply answering just a few questions about your life.

First-aid Box

It is again an attractive measure to heal your Emotional Injuries. You just have to select the most approximate emotional injury label, set the emotional thermometer, and select the reason for emotional injury. With this simple input you will be able to access our unique, personalised Emotional First Aid Box which is specifically designed by professionals to heal the emotional injuries.

Useful Links

We have important and reliable resources to provide you useful information about mental health. You can access links to them through the app.

Utilities of SwaHeal:
  • Development of Emotional Awareness
  • Tool to asses if you need Emotional First Aid or not
  • First Aid Box for Emotional First Aid
  • Link to EMERGENCY SERVICE in case First Aid is not enough
  • RECHECK and asses how much the first aid has worked for you
  • Option to use it again and again
  • Personalized solutions for all individual problems
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