We are coming up with various centers

Have you ever imagined a SPA for your Soul?
No need to stretch your imagination! Because, it is now here!
A unique and first of its kind space for everybody to Relax, Reform and Rejuvenate.
With the help of high tech instruments, games, mind exercises and many more specially designed tools you can now manage your stress, Develop your brain, And Find solutions for your real life issues.

And yes, we have many more things for your soul. Just visit to experience our offline programs like:

Mind Mirror –

Wish to know what is happening inside your mind?
This Mind Mirror watches your brain waves - reflecting your mind activities - every fraction of moment! And we will teach you to train your own brain, mind and heart!

Stress Buster –

Stress, tensions, workload, and social pressures - all causing high BP?
This FDA USA approved Medical Breath Trainer examines and alters your breathing and treats high blood pressure it in 10 sessions.

Core View –

Love your body and it will love you back! Core View guides you to listen and respond compassionately to your own body!

Brain Buddy –

The shortest way to go anywhere is to have a good company! Brain Buddy has many modes to make you happy, relax, energetic, creative -- as per your wish!

Crack the Nuts –

Challenge your brain, mind and body skills to solve crazy, exciting and cool games.

Soul Spa –

Use our quick and effective programs stuffed with advanced tech, books and art-material to make yourself glow with inner beauty and strength when you are facing difficulties.