About Us

Established in 2018, At SWA TANTRAA we, provide comprehensive solutions for mental wellbeing. SWA TANTRAA means self-help regarding wellbeing with the help of technological tools.

It is beacon of light and trusted friend for those with mental health concerns. Mental health is just as important as one's physical health and yet, most of us are not mindful about the quality of our life. At SWA TANTRAA we have experts with 25 years of experience in treating mental health and related issues with psycho-social modalities. Our expertise lies not only in treatment of mental illness, but also preventive and positive mental health.

Mental Health and Wellness

Mr. JP Nadda, The Minister of Health and Family Welfare, in his address in the Lok Sabha in May 2016, revealed that according to the National Commission of Macroeconomics and Health (2005), about 10-20 million Indians were suffering from complex mental disorders like Schizophrenia And Bipolar Disorder, whereas nearly 50 million Indians were suffering from common mental disorders like depression and anxiety. With growing awareness of Mental Health and Mental Illnesses in India, the Mental Healthcare Bill was revised in 2017, bringing reformative changes to enhance the availability and scope of Mental Health services in the Country. To support the mandate of the Mental Healthcare Bill, our company was initiated for developing comprehensive self-help tools for emotional wellness.

In today’s competitive world no one can escape the various stresses that we are exposed in different situations. And all of us are in fact at a higher risk of being stressed owing to the standards they have to live up to.

The various stresses that we may come across are:

  • Interpersonal stress
  • Relationship stress
  • Emotional stress
  • Family stress
  • Performance pressure
  • Work life balance
  • Burnout phenomenon

And the list goes on.

Notably most of us cannot talk about these issues as we feel shy, embarrassed or simply cannot identify that we need help for dealing with these issues. And it is a well-known fact that these kind of hidden issues surely impact our performance, especially while delivering results and achieving set targets.

Our Team

SWA TANTRAA we have experts with more than 25 years of experience in treating mental health and related issues with psycho-social modalities. Our expertise lies not only in treatment of mental illness, but also in preventive and positive mental health. SWA TANTRAA  is an organization that was incepted by Dr. Animish Chavan, Prachi Mastoli, Sandeep Limaye, Abhijeet Katepallevar & Rohan Chavan.

Dr. Animish Chavan (M.D., Psychiatry), Prachi Mastoli (B.Sc., MSW, Cognitive Behaviour Therapist) have been working in the field of mental health for decades. They have been tirelessly working towards de-stigmatization, enhanced accessibility and cost- effectiveness of mental health services. They have time and again stressed on the importance of mental wellbeing, in delivering results and being productive to the maximum of one’s potential.

SWA TANTRAA appreciates the opportunity to work for a comprehensive solution to aid in the process of performance and wellness enhancement. We understand that this is an important initiative for any individual and organization. With that in mind, we work towards producing easily accessible tools and solutions.

Our Mission

SWA TANTRAA is a unique to the fact that the team believes in a systematic approach towards handling any mental health issues be it simple anxiety or a complex problem like Schizophrenia. We at SWA TANTRAA are staunch supporters of fact that emotional wellness is equally important to physical wellbeing and the true wellness is achieved only when both are at an optimum level, which is essential for us to perform at our best.

We at SWA TANTRAA have developed Electronic Medical Record Systems Called as SwaDocs EMR, a Telepsychiatry tool in the form of Mobile App called as SwaDocs App, an Emotional First-aid self-help tool called as SwaHeal and Brain & Mind Gym. These tools are useful in developing skills which enhance an individual’s productivity and performance.

Successful implementation of SWA TANTRAA WEELNESS tools will enhance optimal and comprehensive wellness!

Our Vision

We SWA TANTRAA Wellness, with the team of Psychology and Technology Experts, vision to boost PsyTech Journey to actualize Mental Health Wellbeing for Everyone who wants a real Happiness which will mark a great contribution for Productivity of the Community!