SwaDocs (App)

SwaDocs App is designed for Psychiatric services over the Telephone.

In today’s era, we have less number of Psychiatrists than what one need. And, in most of the cases, even the geographical barrier has created a big trouble.

To cater and solve this purpose, we have come up with the SwaDocs App which one Psychiatrist can give to his patients for further OPD services sitting back home over the Internet. Where one can save time and money for the travelling and repeated consultations.

Through SwaDocs App, We Offer the value-based care goals of patient engagement, expanded hours for care, care coordination and time, cost effectiveness in health management.

SwaDocs App connects Psychiatrists, Psychotherapists, Physicians, Pharmacists and the Clients.


  • Compliant with Indian telemedicine guidelines
  • Offers secure access to the electronic health record of the clients
  • Updated Case paper for clients with important history and progress notes in their pockets
  • Clients and physicians can record their own findings and reports to make available for the consultant.
  • Facility to take appointments and make advance payments digitally
  • Clients get real time prescription readily in their app and can choose pharmacy for the home delivery of the prescription

Steps to Use SwaDocs App:

  1. User can download the SwaDocs App from Google Play Store and Sign Up for Free.
  2. Create Account.
  3. Fill up the form and create an appointment. Select the available time slot to connect for the online session.
  4. Connect over a video call and share the details with your Physician.
  5. Keep a track of your Medical Session by accessing History section.
  6. Track Follow up notes. Check Prescription.

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Available on Playstore and Appstore


  1. This App is only accessible for patients who have access code given by the doctor. Download only, if your doctor has prescribed the same.
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